Someone Like Me Cares: Be part of the team for kids this Giving Tuesday

Did you know that you have a superpower for good? It has to do with your influence on the people you know to give. Here it is:

Your voice is 60 times more powerful to influence your peers’ giving than any other person’s. That means that no matter how well an organization can tell people about a cause — your voice matters more!

The simple act of you explaining why a cause is important to you, and inviting your friends and family to give, is 60 times more likely to raise money than if the organization simply invited those same people to give.

Think about it! That’s a superpower you might not have even known you had.

And if you have a Facebook page, there’s a really easy way to invite people to give: Facebook Fundraisers.

On Giving Tuesday, November 27, we’re looking for 30 friends willing to host a Facebook fundraiser for $200 to support life-giving programs for kids. We find that Facebook has one of the best fundraising platforms out there, with no fees whatsoever – 100% of donations go straight to SCYM.

$200 is enough to support one kid in SCYM programs for EIGHT MONTHS! 

We serve a generous God, and we think He’s pleased to see generosity spread like wildfire.

Ready to take 60 seconds and learn how to set up your Facebook fundraiser? Here’s all it takes:

  1. In Facebook, go to your Menu (see the red arrow?) Look for Fundraisers on the list.
























2. Click Raise Money.
























3. Click Nonprofit.
























4. Search for Springfield City Youth Mission. 
























That’s it! Don’t forget to customize your message to share your personal reasons for hosting a fundraiser. You’re using your superpower to help Springfield kids!

Giving the Gift of Attention- One Kid at a Time

Jeanne Cramer is a homeschooling mom who attends Cornerstone Baptist Church and began volunteering at STARS last spring. In the spring, Jeanne started working with a second grader during homework time. This little girl was really uninterested in doing her homework, so much that other volunteers had a difficult time trying to get her to cooperate. (Anyone who’s ever had a homework-reluctant kid can relate!)

Jeanne drew on her “mom toolbox” to try a different approach. As she built a relationship with this student and listened closely over several weeks, it became clear that the root of her homework resistance was that she didn’t understand it. Jeanne patiently persisted and over time, the student began to open up to her — and began to understand and do her math!

Listening to kids isn’t the fastest route—but it always pays off. We love when kids can see the God who is patient and kind, the God who knows and wants to help them, in the adults they meet at STARS!

Could you be a friend to a Springfield kid after school this fall?

Maddie is a ten-year-old girl who loves singing, dogs, watching YouTube, and playing with her friends.  When the school bell rings on Tuesdays and Thursdays this fall, she’ll be bouncing out the door of school and onto the STARS van headed to Westside Christian Community.

At STARS, Maddie loves getting a snack, playing board games with adult leaders, hearing a Bible story, and eating dinner together. She doesn’t always love homework, but with a lot of encouragement and a little help, she’ll get better at her reading and her times tables, and may even see her grades nudge up this school year.

Kids like Maddie may come with specific needs like a good snack or dinner, or homework help. But the biggest need Maddie has is for a friend:

Someone to listen. Someone to play a game or shoot baskets with her. Someone to laugh with her. Someone to ask good questions. Someone to hear how her day went.

Maddie needs some adults and teens to show up for her this fall – and so do the elementary and middle school kids at 11 other SCYM afterschool program sites. Whether that’s by driving, helping in the kitchen, giving homework help, or just playing with kids who want to play, we’re on the hunt for people who have an hour or two a week to give to kids this fall.

Here’s what our grid of afterschool opportunities looks like for this fall:


Interested in joining the team? Click here to take a quick survey about your availability and get more information.

You may not be able to help the whole world, but you can help one kid — and that may change their whole world. 

2018 Camp Boost Volunteer Opportunities

We’re gearing up for a great summer of four (yes, FOUR) weeks of Camp Boost Summer Reading Clubs, and maybe you or someone you know would like to spend a week helping kids get a reading boost and learn about the Bible (and maybe even wrapping someone up like a mummy while learning about Egypt!)

First, available dates for hands-on Camp Boost volunteers are below:

Maiden Lane Church of God: June 25-29, 10:00-1:00
High Street Nazarene: July 9-13, 9:00-12:30
Clifton Avenue Church of God: July 16-20, 10:00-1:00
St John Missionary Baptist: July 23-27, 9:00-12:00

Volunteers of all ages, including high school and middle school students, and with all types of gifts are needed! Volunteer positions include:

  • Classroom Teacher: Responsible for teaching topic and Bible lesson to a class of 10-15 students. Curriculum is provided and personal touches/tweaks are encouraged. Each classroom teacher will have at least one adult assistant.
  • Classroom Assistant: Responsible for helping and supporting classroom teachers.
  • Food Prep: Responsible for preparing and cleaning up after breakfast and lunch for entire camp. Does not need to set menu.
  • Middle School Task Force: For middle school students only. Responsible for assisting staff/teachers as needed. This could include things such as making copies, delivering meals, collecting attendance, taking pictures/video, etc.
  • Check-In: Responsible for greeting families and signing students in each morning, registering walk-ins, and collecting attendance.

If you’re interested in any of these volunteer positions, CLICK HERE to register or get more information!

Want to serve at Camp Boost in a more behind-the-scenes role? We’re also looking for coordinators for supplies, curriculum, registration, and Bibles this summer. Click here for details! UPDATE: We’ve filled the supplies, curriculum, and registration coordinator positions. We’re still looking for a volunteer Bibles coordinator!

Want to help behind-the-scenes at Camp Boost this summer?

Summer is just around the corner — one of our most fun (and craziest!) times of year, with four weeks of Camp Boost Summer Reading Clubs coming to four churches around the city:

Maiden Lane: June 25-29
High St. Nazarene: July 9-13
Clifton Avenue Church of God: July 16-20
St. John Missionary Baptist Church: July 23-27

Last summer these four churches served almost 300 kids in Springfield with a week of fun and summer learning!

This summer, we’re gearing up for another great four weeks, and we have some new opportunities for behind-the-scenes support in four volunteer positions:

All-Camp Registration Coordinator
All-Camp Supplies Coordinator
All-Camp Curriculum Coordinator
All-Camp Bibles Coordinator

Each of these four volunteer positions runs behind the scenes, starts in late May or early June, and will take about 1-2 hours per week. More importantly, each role helps give Springfield kids summer reading, love, attention, and support! Click here to read details about what’s involved. 

Want to help? Contact Eryca at or 937-325-6183 and we’ll get the ball rolling for another great summer of helping kids crush the odds together.

Mentoring in first person: Rich and Cedric’s story

It was September 2016 when Cedric, a freshman at Springfield High School, was matched with a mentor, Rich Warren, Pastor at Trinity Missionary Church in Springfield. Today Cedric is in 10th grade, involved with ROTC, and wants to join the military after high school. We sat down with Rich and Cedric to learn what mentoring is like for them.

Cedric and Rich, at a recent hang-out at McDonalds — one of their favorite spots.

Q: What’s something you like about mentoring?

Cedric: You get time to see how other people’s lives are, how they feel.
Rich: I like talking together, helping him with homework sometimes, being part of his life.

Q: What do you do together?

Cedric: We might eat one week and read a book together the next week. We’ve gone to a park and played Frisbee golf.

Q: Any favorite memory or funny things that have happened?

Cedric: We were Frisbee golfing at Buck Creek State Park. We threw the Frisbee and it went the wrong way. We couldn’t find it and had to look for it the next week – but we found it!

Q: How does mentoring help you?

Cedric: I get time with just my mentor, talking about how my week went, getting stuff off my chest. Mentoring pushed me to get my first job – I just got hired at Kroger.

Q: Has anything surprised you about mentoring?

Cedric: I knew he was a pastor, but it surprised me when we went to his church and he let me play the drums one time.
Rich: It surprised me how easy it’s been to connect with Cedric.

Q: What’s something you like about each other?

Cedric: We always figure out a way to get together or at least connect by phone. And we laugh at the funniest things.
Rich: His dedication to meeting.

Q: What would you tell someone thinking about being a mentor?

Cedric: It’s a good time to get to know someone.
Rich: The small impacts you have on a kid’s life are really worthwhile.

Q: Anything else you want to tell people about mentoring?

Cedric: The bond you can have is really important. And you always have a good time.
Rich: I hope we can stay connected, even after he’s 18.

We currently have 11 boys and 5 girls on the waiting list for a mentor in Springfield. Want to learn more about how to become a mentor? Click here!

So, what’s a Table Host?

Each year SCYM holds the SCYM Spring Dessert, a fundraiser that gives attendees a behind-the-scenes look at afterschool programs like GirlPower, Biz Ba$ics and STARS! It’s a time to rally around Springfield kids and take steps toward a brighter future for our city.

This year is SCYM’s 20th Anniversary and the Spring Dessert will be focusing on what’s happened in the last 20 years, plus a pretty exciting announcement that you don’t want to miss.

Table Hosts are responsible for inviting 8-10 friends to attend this free event (and eat yummy, locally made sweets) on either Monday, April 9th or Tuesday, April 10th at 7PM. There will be a Dessert Preview (February 27th at Noon or 7PM) where Table Hosts will pick up invitations, be briefed about the Dessert, and given tips on how to fill your table.

There is no cost to be a Table Host, but if you would like to be a sponsor (at $300 or $1,000) click here!

To sign up to be a Table Host, just send us an email at! We can’t wait to see you at the 2018 SCYM Spring Dessert!

Help Springfield kids through a Spring Dessert 2018 Sponsorship!

What if we told you that you could help hundreds of Springfield kids through quality programs, and feature your business at the same time? The Spring Dessert banquet, SCYM’s signature fundraising event, is coming up on April 9-10, 2018, at the Hollenbeck-Bayley Conference Center. Admission to the Spring Dessert is free, with a lineup of inspirational testimonies, videos, and activities that highlight the cause of Springfield kids, and an invitation to donate for those attending.

Last year, SCYM hosted back-to-back evening desserts with 500 people attending in total.  We have two sponsorship levels for the event, with a goal of raising $40,000 over the two nights. Recognition is provided at both levels and detailed below.

  • $300 level (Table Sponsor)
    • Name recognition in program
    • Colorful logo at one table each night
    • Not required to fill table
  • $1,000 level (Event Sponsor)
    • Logo in scrolling event PowerPoint
    • Link to your page on SCYM’s regularly updated Facebook
    • Your full-color ad in program
    • Colorful logo at one table each night

Because local restaurants and bakeries donate the evening’s desserts, overhead is low and all sponsorships go directly back to impacting the 600+ Springfield kids SCYM will serve this year.

If you would like to be a Spring Dessert Sponsor, click here to get started. It takes just a minute, but your impact lasts all year!

If you have questions about being a Spring Dessert Sponsor, Eryca or Faith would be glad to help. Give us a call at (937) 325-6183, or email and someone will get back to you right away.