The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The good thing about SCYM is that we do not own a building or have any overhead costs other than staff and program expenses. SCYM exists through partnerships with churches and schools that are already located in the neighborhoods of the kids we serve. This allows us to maximize every donation we receive to serve more and more kids in Springfield. The bad thing about SCYM is that the more kids we serve, the more kids we need to transport. This is no small logistical feat and has relied on the generosity of many volunteer drivers through the years to faithfully show up and let kids who are not their own pile into their personal vehicle’s week-in and week-out, rain or shine, all school year. Well, that season may very well be over, as last month SCYM was donated a 15-passenger short bus that will beautifully serve our needs. The bus itself, though, is not beautiful. It’s downright ugly. The interior is in great shape, but the outside is in desperate need of a paint job.

Our dream would be to have the outside of the bus reflect what’s going on inside the bus, the beauty of God’s life-changing love. We also had the idea to sell business sponsorships on certain parts of the bus’s exterior to help offset the cost of gas.

If you would like to become a part-time volunteer bus driver (No CDL required), help with this bus project through becoming a gas sponsor, or by donating your services, please email Eryca at scym@crushtheodds.org.

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