God’s Perfect Love- CeCe’s Story

God’s Perfect Love…

“I remember a certain morning last year when I was volunteering at Camp Boost that I almost didn’t
come because I was feeling really discouraged and my brain was telling me it was going to be a bad day.
I also didn’t want to let everyone down, so I went anyway. When I walked through the doors of the
Church that morning, I knew I had been wrong about it being a bad day. Everyone was so happy to see
me with big smiles and I could feel the love and joy that they had. The worries and sadness just went
-Xiomara Salguero aka CeCe

Our theme at SCYM this year is based on 1 John 4:18, “perfect love casts out fear.” We have had the
privilege to see this scripture play out in CeCe’s life and we are so excited to see The Author of Life
continue to reveal His good work through her and many more.

Xiomara, or “CeCe” as she is affectionately known, is currently an 7th grader at Hayward middle school
and lives with her grandmother, Antonia, directly across the street from Clifton Ave Church of God.
"Things haven’t exactly been perfect in my life, and sometimes I can still get down when things go
wrong. What makes the difference for me is that I know where to go and what to do when I start to feel
bad. Talking to God and with the people I trust keeps me on track."
During the summer of her 1st grade year, CeCe attended the Camp Boost Summer Reading Clubs. She
chose the club themed “Snacktastics”, which was led by long-time educator Linda Divan. She would
continue attending Camp Boost each following year until she aged out and decided to become a
volunteer in Ms. Linda’s class.
“Camp Boost was such a good experience that I thought it sounded fun to be the one teaching and to
remember what it was like when I was little. I really looked up to my Camp Boost leaders and I wanted
to be like them. The messages I heard about Jesus and the cross really impacted me and I knew I wanted
to get baptized.”
“I’ve enjoyed watching her grow up, and hope she’ll continue to help at Camp Boost for many years to
come!” -Linda Divan

Raised with Christ

CeCe and her grandma began regularly attending Clifton Avenue Church of God along with a procession
of her siblings and cousins. In 2020 CeCe decided to be baptized. Her baptism ceremony was delayed
due to Covid 19, but she would not be denied and was baptized by Pastor Cotto before the congregation
at the Easter service in 2021. CeCe now also serves in children’s church on Sundays.
“Since I got baptized my eyes have really been opened to who God is to me and my place with Him.”

“Xiomara has an easy smile and a servant’s heart. We adore seeing her sing with joy from the front
pew.” -Pastor David Cotto
“CeCe is energetic, easy to work with, enjoys helping the other children and she lifts my spirit.” -Ms.
Martha, Clifton Ave Children’s Church Leader

…Casts Out Fear

Our purpose at SCYM is to see stories like CeCe’s repeated a hundred times over here in Springfield. Kids
and families in our community are being bombarded with fear and crippled with anxiety that, in many
cases, can’t just be reasoned away.
As believers Christ, we do not put our faith in the wisdom of this age and its broken philosophies, but we
put our hope in the Power of the living God. (1 Cor 2:5) The problems of our current world are indeed
complex and I am so relieved that God didn’t leave it up to me to figure them all out. Rather He called
you and I, as His sons and daughters, to see fear crushed by the Power of His Love as we follow Him by
faith. When everything else fails, God’s love in Christ never will. (1 Cor 13:8)
Your contribution to SCYM shows you are standing with students like CeCe and for the cause of Christ in
our city.
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 $100 or more helps $tart Up students launch their very first business.

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Because of His grace,
Tyler Worley
Executive Director

P.S. I thank God for so many people like you who show Springfield kids how valuable they are to Jesus.
I invite you to consider a year-end gift to support our youth as God leads you.

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