Back to School But Not Yet Back to Normal

The meaning of the word “normal” is something we are all trying to figure out the definition of these days. Last year’s normal looked like Girlpower girls sharing a healthy snack, Manpower and Wiseguys students learning about godly manhood, and STARS kids enjoying read-aloud time… all through a computer screen. These are not ideal circumstances for reaching our youth but when there is a will there is a way, especially when it is the Lord Himself who “will’s that none should perish” (2 Pt. 3:9). We have also concluded that He alone is our WAY!

This fall we will hold all afterschool programs in person with limited registration and are seeking clearance from the district to resume our in-school programming. We urgently request your prayers and support as we seek to bring the Good News and love of Jesus Christ to kids who are hurting and feeling hopeless.

Please pray that times of refreshing would come and that we would receive endurance from the Lord to keep pace with this Covid -19 dance that involves a constant pivot. Please remember the hard-working principals, faculty, and staff of our Springfield City Schools in your prayers. Ask God that He would supply them with His wisdom, encouragement, and strength as they prepare and mold our future leaders.

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