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What’s in your hand could change the world

Can we be “over-God-fident?”

When we experience God moving on our heart to step into something new, it’s easy to find a reason why we’re inadequate or why we should put it off. Is our faith in our situation or in God?

A great picture of this in the Bible is found in Exodus 4. Moses was attempting to impress God with how weak and unworthy he was, when God asked him a profound question:

“What’s in your hand, Moses?”

Moses had a staff in his hand. His staff was something he relied on for everyday, normal stuff. The only thing special about it was how un-special it was.


God told him to throw it down on the ground and when he did, it turned into a giant poisonous snake! Then God told him to grasp the snake by the tail (which is exactly how to pick up a snake if you want to get bitten.)

When Moses grabbed the snake at the tail, it turned back into his staff.

Why did the staff turn into a snake? Was it because Moses had the perfect throwing technique to turn a stick into a snake? Of course not! It is physically impossible for a stick to turn into a snake.

God took the staff and turned it into a completely new creation! All Moses did was what God told him to do. But God wanted to teach him a very valuable lesson. He wanted Moses never to look to his own abilities or circumstances when it had to do with obeying Him.

Why did God have him pick up the snake by the tail? Was God unaware that you are supposed to pick snakes up by the head? No, of course not. God wanted to cause Moses to move past his fear and move him into trusting Him.

Moses threw down what he had at God’s feet, and God showed Moses that He is able to make the impossible bow to Him.

If we only step out when the conditions are perfect and our confidence is sky high, we will not accomplish much in life, especially life in God.

When we feel the nudging of the Holy Spirit, we are getting an invitation from God to see his Glory revealed! Let’s act quickly and jump right in with a heart full of “God-fidence.”

Tyler Worley
Associate Director

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