Why we talk too much this time of year

If it’s late August or early September, one thing is sure: We at SCYM are making some noise about volunteering.

Joining the team. Jumping in. Getting involved. We even start to get a little silly sometimes.

why aren't you volunteering_

In fact, we may become borderline obnoxious. There’s a fine line between making sure everyone hears the message loud and clear, and just making everyone sick of us. But it’s a line we’re willing to get a little too close to, perhaps even overstep at times.

Here’s the reason why we get so loud this time of year:


Because this year we’ll meet hundreds of kids like these, who don’t have voices that are loud enough to ask you to invest in them (yet!)

Because they can’t put together a marketing campaign, they don’t have a platform, and they can’t make a funny meme.

Because they need caring adults, from teenagers all the way to grandparents – maybe someone just like you! – who will show up each week, help them with homework, laugh with them, listen to them, remember their names.

So we’re asking, loudly and often and maybe a little too much, for them. Would you consider showing up for a kid this year? Or do you know someone who would be great and might have one or two hours a week after school?

Next week (September 14-18) is our volunteer ramp-up week, and programs start the week of September 21. Click here to find out more, or just contact us at SCYMinistries@gmail.com.

In another month or so, we’ll quiet down. We promise. But in the meantime, maybe you can help us make some noise for the kids who can’t yet.

Faith Bosland
Executive Director

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