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Top 10 ways you helped Springfield kids “crush the odds” in 2014

10527686_10204534681353356_5777111603326061420_n1. You gave 219 kids a fun-filled (and critical!) week of summer reading in local churches at Camp Boost.
2. You helped 20 middle school girls train for and run their first 5K.
10285352_648368471878203_6603358050785632312_o3. You helped continue kids’ mentor matches into their 3rd and 4th years.
4. You gave 50+ people who work with kids in our community the opportunity to learn how to help the kids who hurt the most.
5. You made it possible for 20 middle school kids to start and run their own small businesses.
Marketplace 16. You invested in long-term partnerships so that churches could offer kids in their neighborhood creative, practical programs beyond their own resources.
7. You helped 5 middle school guys “Man Up” this summer, working out at the YMCA and building spiritual muscle at the same time.
image (2)8. You sent 219 kids home with a brand-new, high-quality Bible, and as many free books as they could carry.
9. You gave 250 people a place to join together as a team and use their talents and energy to serve kids.
10. You gave 460 Springfield kids safe places where they could be known, loved, and listened to with the love of God.

Whatever part you played — a donation, prayer, getting involved hands-on, or just cheering kids on — you helped kids “crush the odds with the love of God” this year! We give Him thanks for the team He’s building!

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