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Sweating for Jesus – and loving it – this week

It’s hot today in Springfield, Ohio. The kind of hot, with a good dose of humidity, that makes you wonder if it’s not just sweat you’re feeling, but perhaps your actual body beginning to melt and slowly drip onto the oven-like pavement.

So yeah, it’s hot. But there’s more than just the weather to report on today. There’s this: 77 Springfield children spent 3 hours each today in Camp Boost Summer Reading Clubs, at two partner churches, St. John Missionary Baptist and Clifton Avenue Church of God. (One of these is fully air-conditioned, and one is – well, air-conditioned in places.) The kids learned about everything from dinosaurs to cooking to crime scene investigation – and had a blast. (Just look!)









There’s also this: 55 volunteers, from middle schoolers to grandparents, showed up to make these two Camp Boosts possible today. They showed up to make breakfast and lunch for these precious kids, to teach them and guide them in reading activities and Bible stories, to check them in and keep them safe, and most of all, to show them the love that Jesus has for every one of them.

We created the hashtag #sweatingforJesus this week.

But here’s a little secret that our Camp Boost volunteer staff might tell you: They may feel like they’re melting into a puddle by the end of the day, but they get almost as much from Camp Boost as the kids do.

You would be hard-pressed to find teams anywhere as great as our Camp Boost teams! They are loving, encouraging, serving people who are joining together, using their unique gifts in unique places, and blessing the socks off of our kids and each other. (Come to think of it, it’s too hot for socks.) One team member at Camp Boost a few weeks ago said, “I think I needed Camp Boost more than Camp Boost needed me.” I think that sums it up for a lot of us! (But the truth is, each person IS needed and so important!)

There’s something about serving on a great team, using your gifts, for a significant purpose, that leaves you feeling encouraged, blessed, humbled, and inspired. That is what is happening this week at Camp Boost!

And here’s one more little secret: Our Clifton Avenue team is made up of people from (our best guess) at least 12 different churches. I’m telling you, this is one of the best opportunities to connect to the body of Christ in Springfield all year!

The weather forecast looks like the humidity will calm down a little by the end of the week. (Praise the Lord!) But even if it doesn’t, puddle or no puddle, we’ll be #sweatingforJesus … and blessed and grateful to have worked alongside each other.

Faith Bosland
Executive Director

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