Wise Guys

A letter to this year’s Wise Guys

Today at a city middle school awards ceremony, Tyler handed out certificates to the 40 boys who completed Wise Guys this year. For many of these boys, wisdom is a foreign concept! We are grateful for the opportunity Tyler has to speak into their lives, and pray that God will continue a work of wisdom. Here is the letter Tyler wrote to them:

To the honor of …. on your faithful completion of Wise Guys. 

Wisdom is within itself perfect and yet those of us who pursue it sometimes fail. Wisdom seems so intangible and yet it is present in every decision we make. We can ignore it, scoff at it, and pretend it doesn’t exist and yet our deepest desire at the end of the day is to not be found a fool. Wisdom is not far from each of us but yet it must be pursued in order to be known. Wisdom cannot be bought and it cannot be sold, it is not exclusive to the rich or to the poor. Wisdom does not leave us when we make a foolish decision but rather remains with an outstretched hand to help us to our feet. A wise man looks for the hand and lays hold of it but a fool rejects humility. Through the completion of this course you have shown a desire to be a man of excellence and for that I applaud you and hope that your future is filled with great happiness and success.

Sincerely, Tyler Worley

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