Virtual Volunteers

Virtual Volunteers

This past January, at our annual SCYM staff retreat and planning meeting, we were enjoying some great coffee while we prayerfully discussed what we wanted to accomplish in the upcoming year.

One of our goals was to compile a video resource section for our webpage. We wanted to have this resource tab filled with videos from the wonderful, compassionate, and talented people from within our community.

These short videos ( 2-5 min) would be aimed at helping our kids or our volunteers.

We had no idea back in January that in the coming months we would be hit by a global pandemic that would limit our personal contact to video alone, but now that it has, why not take this opportunity to create a virtual volunteering experience?

Last year alone SCYM provided a platform for over 400 volunteers to do what God was calling them to do- serve the youth of Springfield. Among those volunteers were people of diverse backgrounds, ages, denominations, and skin colors. The roles in which they served were just as diverse. This is beautiful to us and also serves to reach many more kids.

Our core value at SCYM is that God’s kingdom is all about family in which God, himself, is our Father. We also know and see that the enemy is raging his attacks against families and, as a result, we see many broken homes. When the families in our city are attacked and the kids are suffering, The Body of Christ on the earth- The Church- must pull together to support those families and kids with His supernatural love by providing opportunities for them to rise above their circumstances.

Our model at SCYM is also family. At a family reunion, wouldn’t it be absurd to turn great grandma away at the door because there were already two grandmas there?  Or how about telling cousin Ted that he needed to find another reunion to attend because you already had enough cousins in attendance?

That would be silly.

We view our mission the same way.

When you volunteer at a SCYM program, we want to find what God has placed on your heart for kids and help you make that a reality. There is a place for you in the church to be who God created you to be and there is a place at SCYM for you, too.

Right now that can happen over video. Do you have something you would like to teach or share with our students? What gifts and talents has God given you that could potentially inspire a child?

Or maybe you are a professional pastor, counselor, educator, or social worker who could provide insights and wisdom that would help equip and empower our volunteers to do the work of the Lord?

Would you consider partnering with us for this special virtual volunteer experience? Has God given you something you could record on video that would strengthen a Springfield kid or to build up a volunteer in their service?

If so please reach out to us. We will set up a time and place for your video to be recorded (while using appropriate social distancing of course) and then uploaded for our community’s benefit for years to come.

Tyler Worley

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