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Meet a Manpower guy!

Name: Anthony
Something I like about Manpower: Playing sports
Something I’ve learned about being a man: You’re not just born with the traits that a man should have, you have to work on them.

Name: Jordan
Something I learn at Manpower: How to be a man
Something that you need to do to be a man: Take responsibility and set your time right

Name: Coleeyon
What I like about Manpower: The lesson
What I’ve learned about being a man: The five pillars – God, family, friends, school or work, and fitness

Anthony, Jordan, and Coleeyon are part of more than 30 Springfield Roosevelt and Schaefer middle school guys who are part of Manpower Afterschool Program each week. They are building relationships and learning lessons that we pray will stay with them to become the young men God has created them to be!

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