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“If we’re too busy, the drug dealers are ready to take them in.”

Pop quiz: Which group making up 50% of kids in poverty is most likely to:

If you guessed BOYS, you are correct.

Why are teenage boys at greater risk? There’s a lot of research out there about the teenage brain and decision-making that’s helpful, but experience on the front lines with young men tells us even more.

Many boys in our city are growing up without a healthy father figure. Even more struggle with school, get drawn into fighting, and battle society’s stereotypes and street culture.

Manpower Director Tyler Worley puts it this way: “Guys need attention, and if they don’t get it from a healthy source, they’re going to get it from an unhealthy source.”

While we go about our day-to-day lives, guys continue to grow up and make critical choices every day. Tyler puts it this way: “If we’re too busy, the drug dealers are ready to take them in.”

Want to Make a Difference?

An easy way to show up for young men in our city is through SCYM’s Manpower Afterschool Program on Tuesdays or Thursdays. The guys love having men who volunteer to play basketball and talk in small groups with them. (Or destroy some pizzas together, as pictured above.)

Another way to serve is being a Manpower driver or backup driver on Tuesday afternoons at 3:45.

Or consider becoming a one-on-one mentor who is matched with one young man to meet weekly on your own schedule. Find out more about being a mentor here.

The average cost for one month of Manpower per student is $25. Want to donate? Click here.  

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