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Find the gold in Springfield kids this fall

If you’re like me, watching the Summer Olympics gives you all the feels: Athletes who’ve trained all their lives for this moment, parents and friends who’ve been by their side cheering them on, moments of glory and heartbreak, an athlete standing on the podium listening to their national anthem. We love it not just for the athletic skill, but for the story each individual has.

Dick’s Sporting Goods made this commercial that our staff really loved. It captures those Olympic moments and the potential inside us all. Take a look:

Even though this is just a commercial, it captures a vital truth: There is gold in every one of us, put there by our Creator. (We had no idea about the physical gold, though – that’s just cool.)

There’s gold in Springfield kids, too. The problem is that many of them don’t recognize it in themselves. Sometimes it takes someone else to recognize our gold and help us dig it out.

The best way to help a kid find their gold? Show up for them week after week, get to know them, and let them get to know you. That’s SCYM’s heart. This fall we have four different afterschool programs each week, at multiple locations, that are wonderful opportunities to get to know kids in our city who are just waiting for someone to help them find their gold. How will you help?

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