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Elizabeth Baker

For the last few months, I have been leading a bible study once a week with 3 eighth graders from Clark Middle School. These ladies all attended Impact World Tour in the fall, and said afterwards that were interested in attending a bible study. Although I didn’t know these ladies, I was involved at Clark WyldLife and was asked to start the study with these girls. Initially, I was very excited to meet these girls, but also a little intimidated by the idea. I had no idea what their church background or understanding of the Bible might be, and I was worried about how to explain something as complex as God and the Bible to a group of girls who might very possibly have no prior understanding of them! I was also curious how open and willing to interact these girls might be with me, since I was a complete stranger.

On the first day I met with the girls all my concerns with them not opening up were immediately relieved. These energetic, talkative young ladies were excited to meet me and wasted no time in getting to know one another. As I drove them over to Un Mundo for our bible study, they told me all sorts of information, from what their day was like at school to what they thought about my shoes and everything in between. I soon realized that rather than struggling to get them to open up, I might struggle with getting a word in edge wise!

This was my first time leading a Bible study for people younger than me, and my biggest concern was how to present the bible as being real and relevant, without dumbing it down and selling it short of the power of the words. As I was looking for material to study, I came a cross a lesson on the fruit of the Spirit. I thought that this would be a nice, easy topic to start with, since I could break it down easily and do just a couple every week. The girls seemed to enjoy the study, and were excited to come back every week. We have moved on to a new topic now, but I still ask them each week if they can remember all nine of the fruits of the spirit, and they’ve still got em! The most challenging thing for me is that while I was leading this study, each week the Spirit would convict my heart while I was speaking. Although I was starting with what I thought would be an “easy” topic, I realized that the Bible’s truth cannot be lessened or simplified, and that it always has the power to teach and convict. The word was just as sharp and true in my heart, although I had heard it many times, as it was to these girls who were hearing it for the first time! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have with these ladies, and I ask that you would be praying both for these girls and for the work the Spirit is working in their hearts, and also to me, that I would be open and obedient to his pushing and prodding in my heart as I meet with these girls.

Elizabeth Baker
SCYM Volunteer

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