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Biblical Justice (Why We Do What We Do)

A couple weeks ago during staff devotions we had an interesting conversation about justice and righteousness and how that relates to what we do here at SCYM. Typically, when we think about our programs (such as STARS, Wise Guys, or Girl Power), justice isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Mercy, compassion, or love seem to be more obvious characteristics of our mission, and they are certainly key elements in why we do what we do. But if we fail to consider biblical justice among our core values as we work with Springfield city kids, we fail in recognizing one of our chief Christian responsibilities.

Justice is the quality of upholding that which is right and condemning that which is evil. A just man will not only deal fairly and rightly with everyone he knows, but he will also seek to correct the wrongs done to others. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, we have lived in a world marked by injustice. Certain people have profited from the injustices caused by sin, while others have suffered immensely. In reading the bible, we see that God has always condemned the unjust, and He has actively protected those who suffered at their hands. Just as we Christians seek to imitate God’s love, mercy, and holiness, we also ought to be imitating His justice.

Some people have been more greatly affected by the injustice caused by sin than others. We see that everyday here at SCYM. Children who grow up in homes marked by violence, desertion, and poverty will never be afforded the same opportunities I was as a child. The effects of sin have destroyed their families, and they have a lot of ground to make up if they wish to compete with the “normal” kids in our society. At SCYM, we seek to fight injustices that cause such inequality for children who have done nothing to deserve it. This is why we mentor. This is why we pray with them and display values that can change their lives. In doing so, we fight for the broken and oppressed, and offer hope of a better world that only the Love of God can reveal.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be writing in a bit more detail about God’s justice here on the blog. Please come back and read, and pray about how God wants you to practice justice in Springfield.

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