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Give Hope to One

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Sometimes I struggle with how to paint a verbal picture for you of what I hear and see every day at SCYM. There are little moments that happen in ordinary spaces with ordinary people, and stories that unfold over a long haul, that you know are eternally significant because hope has entered. At SCYM we […]


The “Why” Behind the Workshops

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We recently put the word out about a new series of workshops called “Helping High-Needs Kids,” coming January 11-February 2. If you haven’t read all the details yet, you can find them here. We would be delighted to have you come and learn with us! There are a bunch of great people coming to help […]

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Helping the kids who carry the heaviest burdens

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How can we do our best for the children in our midst who carry the heaviest burdens? Starting January 11, SCYM is partnering with the Nehemiah Foundation to offer a new series of four workshops designed for volunteers, mentors, church teachers and leaders, and anyone who works with children in the faith-based community. Presented by […]