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WiseGuys Mentoring

I have the privilege of working with about fifteen 7th and 8th boys at Schaeffer Middle School along with Tim Voltz. We have had some incredible times of sharing as we eat lunch with these guys. Occasionally our former Wiseguys will ask to join us.

During one of our sessions, I asked one of the returning 8th graders to share something he learned last year in the program. He said “well, I learned about making wise choices for myself, and I learned that it costs a lot to have a baby (the average is over $2o,ooo in the first year). I am definitely not ready to be a dad yet.”
WiseGuys is an early fatherhood prevention program that focuses on teaching young men to make wise choices. Our activities focus on respecting others, especially girls, peaceful conflict resolution, and setting short and long-term goals for yourself.
We are happy to be partnering with the Springfield City Schools. The feedback we are getting from principals and school counselors alike is “we need more of this kind of thing, and we really appreciate what you are doing in the lives of our students.” That’s encouraging.
Jeff Nelson
WiseGuys Mentoring

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