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School Year Review: A look at what God did in 2013-14 (Part 1)

There are just a few weeks of school left, and SCYM’s school-year-based programs have all wrapped up. It’s a great time for our staff to pause and think about how some of our students have changed since last fall, and to give thanks to God for what He’s done in their lives. Here are a few stories (with names changed) from our staff.

“Katie” and “Bree” both started GirlPower last fall in a tough place socially. Neither one fit in with the rest of the group, neither one had friends to speak of, and neither one seemed comfortable in their own skin. It’s no surprise that when you’re a middle school girl in this situation, your feelings about yourself and your life can spiral downhill pretty fast.

As GirlPower wrapped up this spring, it was a different story for both Katie and Bree. Jessica, our GirlPower Director, says, “Both girls found a place where they feel comfortable. They’ve made friends. When you look at them, they talk differently and carry themselves differently. They feel safe and free to be themselves.”

It’s pretty simple and yet pretty miraculous how Christ’s love works through people to create an environment where the shy, or awkward, or insecure — all of us at times! — feel loved and accepted. And it changes the story!


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