Ox Roast update

So, last Saturday was our infamous Ox Roast. It went really well. Over 340 people, great weather, and just an overall successful end-of-the-summer party (minus the OSU slaughter). This was my first Ox Roast and I am truly thankful for the many people who sacrificed their time to help out. In the end, the Ox Roast is not about the Mule Skinner band, or 30 ft. Moonwalkers, or even the delicious smoked beef. In the end, the Ox Roast is about communities coming together to support Kingdom work. There was a point in the evening when we began to run out of water bottles. With only a few water bottles left and a line stretching out to the parking lot we knew we needed to get some more. Thirsty people with no water. In a lot of ways that sums up the situation and life experiences of many of the kids we reach out to, thirsty and in need of water. Like Jesus said to the crowds that gathered around him, we know that physical thirst comes back only a short time after it is quenched. A spiritual quenching is different. Jesus says that he has spiritual water for these kids that will satisfy their souls forever. When we ran out of water at the Ox Roast a few people rallied together to take care of the situation. This is exactly what we are trying to do at SCYM, work together to see the love of God transform lives. It is not like selling merchandise and it takes more foundation than building a house but we believe that God can bring new life to the kids of our community and quench the spiritual thirst in their souls forever. Amen.

Chris LeMaster
Associate Director, SCYM

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