Hear that drop? There’s a wave of change coming.

Here’s a confession: Working with kids usually feels like putting drops in a bucket. It’s slow, often unremarkable, and the moments you have with kids can seem insignificant.

But I’ve learned that over time, those slow and steady drops add up, until one day there’s a bucket full of drops that is ready to overflow: A life changed. A new perspective. A trusting relationship. In fact, I believe there’s no other way but slow and steady for kids to develop the most important life resources they need. It’s just how God has wired us.

Monthly giving is like that, too. Right now at SCYM nearly 60 people — we call them the “Overflow Club” — give a little bit each month, an amount that may feel like a drop to them. But over time that giving is overflowing into the changed lives of Springfield kids.

I’m writing with an invitation: Would you consider becoming a monthly giver? Giving the slow, steady kind of support that turns into changed lives for kids? 

There are three ways to give automatically each month: Through Paypal, Stripe, or bank account debit. Each one takes about two minutes to set up.

But here’s how significant monthly giving is: 100 people giving just $10 a month would mean an additional $12,000 for ministry to Springfield kids next year! That’s enough for 3 new afterschool program sites. 

Whether or not now is the right time for you to give monthly, we’re grateful to God for you. Our kids are blessed to have people like you in their corner, investing in those slow and steady moments that add up to overflow.

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