Giving the Gift of Attention- One Kid at a Time

Jeanne Cramer is a homeschooling mom who attends Cornerstone Baptist Church and began volunteering at STARS last spring. In the spring, Jeanne started working with a second grader during homework time. This little girl was really uninterested in doing her homework, so much that other volunteers had a difficult time trying to get her to cooperate. (Anyone who’s ever had a homework-reluctant kid can relate!)

Jeanne drew on her “mom toolbox” to try a different approach. As she built a relationship with this student and listened closely over several weeks, it became clear that the root of her homework resistance was that she didn’t understand it. Jeanne patiently persisted and over time, the student began to open up to her — and began to understand and do her math!

Listening to kids isn’t the fastest route—but it always pays off. We love when kids can see the God who is patient and kind, the God who knows and wants to help them, in the adults they meet at STARS!

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