These past two weeks have probably been the most rewarding weeks for me.The girls are beginning to respond and truly bond with some of the volunteers, and it’s such a blessing to watch.Thursday, after our basketball clinic and in light of the upcoming holidays, we all listed one thing for which we were thankful.One of the girls brought a smile to my face when she said, “I’m thankful for GirlPower and for all the new friends that I made.”Another girl again lifted my spirits when she commented, “I’m thankful for GirlPower because it helps me get my priorities straight.”


All of the girls are working hard towards their Girls Night Out on December 6th. In order to attend the Girls Night Out, they have been challenged to complete a star sheet. They receive stars for attendance, helpfulness in the kitchen, improved grade reports, meeting goals, meeting that week’s challenge, or anything else they believe I will reward with a star. The Girls Night Out will consist of a fashion show, put on by them, at my house. But, ssshhhhh, they don’t know this yet. I’m currently taking clothing donations from girls on Wittenberg’s campus so that each girl can go home with a new piece of clothing. All of the volunteers will attend the Girls Night Out and serve as the audience as well as fashion consultants.


I’m so thankful for those who pray for the program and for the girls that come. Keep praying! The girls are becoming more and more at ease and love to receive advice from the volunteers. Likewise, pray for the volunteers. Pray that we all heed wisdom in our guidance and answers to some of the girls’ life questions. It’s been such a fantastic semester, and I’m looking forward to all of our new plans for the spring semester.



Aubrey Herbst
Girl Power Director

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