Could you show up for kids this fall?

If you close your eyes and listen close, you just might hear the sound of a bus rumbling down the street, or a school bell ringing, or kids’ voices shouting at recess. It’s August, and as fast as you can say, “Where did the summer go?”, kids will be piling back into their classrooms.

At SCYM this is Afterschool Program season. By mid-September, we’ll have a full house of Springfield kids signed up for four programs at 11 different weekly sites.

Those kids may come with specific needs like a good snack or dinner, or homework help. But the biggest need they’ll have is for positiveĀ attention:

Someone to listen. Someone to play a game or shoot baskets with them. Someone to laugh with them. Someone to ask good questions. Someone to hear how their day went.

It doesn’t sound like much to us … but for a kid it can mean the world!

Here’s what our grid of afterschool opportunities looks like for this fall:

Want to get started? Click here to take a quick survey about your availability and get more information. You might mean the world to a kid this fall!

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