Biz Ba$ics kids experience downtown Springfield at the “Tour de Biz”

Yesterday 30 of our Biz Ba$ics Entrepreneurship students from Schaefer and Roosevelt Middle Schools and Springfield Christian School headed to downtown Springfield for a field trip like none other: The Tour de Biz.

Eight businesses and organizations hosted six teams of kids for challenges related to running a business on this Amazing-Race-style field trip. Teams had 90 minutes to complete as many challenges as possible. For many kids, it was their first time going into any of these businesses. Thanks to the support of so many fantastic partners, not only did Springfield kids have fun and learn business principles hands-on, their world also got a little bigger. Thank you for making it possible!

John Landess coaches a team at the Turner Foundation through a challenge to use their product or business for community good.


Students work together at Security National Bank to complete a change-counting challenge.
Representatives from Wallace & Turner work with a team on a Customer Communication challenge at Un Mundo Cafe.
Snow Cove owner Micah Level shows students how to create a shaved ice flavor during a Product Development challenge.
A team examines a product at Fair Trade Winds to identify what supplies and tools were needed to make the product.

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