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Anger Management Groups

This semester I have had the opportunity to sit in and help with an anger management group for 6th grade students at Clark Middle school. Chris has done a great job leading the group, and he has been a great example to me of how to patiently work with this challenging age group. As we continue to meet each week, the students are starting to open up and share their lives with us. It is a sad but true reality that most of these students come into the anger management group with much on their shoulders. Problems with broken families, peer temptations, and the common hardships of the middle school years are the real issues that need to be discussed and worked through at group. When we start to get to know these students and find out about their lives, it is not a surprise that many of them deal with anger issues.

Even though we have only been meeting for a few short weeks, I have seen improvement in the students’ attitudes already. Chris provides great opportunities for the students to use different activities and games to help express their feelings and emotions. I look forward to seeing more improvement in the attitudes and actions of our 6th grade group, and I hope that all who read this will join with all of us at SCYM in praying for the youth of Springfield. God is doing great things at Clark and Schaefer Middle schools.

Kevin Napp
SCYM Volunteer
Junior, Cedarville University

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