7 Things to Pray for Springfield, for Kids’ Sake

In honor of the National Day of Prayer tomorrow, it’s a great time to examine how we can pray for Springfield and specifically for kids. Would you join us for one week this month praying for God to move powerfully in our city to rewrite kids’ stories? Here are seven things you can pray for.

1. Dads who stay: Pray for flourishing father/child relationships that will help children reach their full height

2. Moms who value themselves: Pray that moms will establish foundations for healthy families by the men they choose
3. Peaceful homes: Pray for families who communicate and talk out problems; pray against domestic violence
4. Hope: Pray against the shame, defeat and hopelessness that poverty often brings
5. Churches that love: Pray for churches to seek out the lost and hurting in their neighborhoods, and to embrace and love the families they meet
6. Drug-free neighborhoods: Pray for drug dealers to go out of business and for crime to drop dramatically
7. Schools that don’t give up: Pray for persistence and encouragement for those work in Springfield city schools

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