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17 questions to ask a kid, one hot tip, and a boatload of links

Have you ever had someone ask you a thoughtful question, and then stop and really listen to your answer? Chances are you felt valued, you felt closer to that person, and maybe it even helped you realize something about yourself. A good question is a great gift to give a kid. Here are a few of our favorites … now go ask a kid!

IMG_8276 IMG_8180Questions for fun:

1. Favorites: Name your favorite (color, ice cream, TV show, thing to do on Saturday, shoes, etc.) We like to let kids take turns thinking of a question!

2. If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go?

3. Which person in the Bible would you like to meet?

4. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

5. What makes you laugh the hardest?

6. What song gets stuck in your head the most?

Questions to go a little deeper:

7. What made you smile today?

8. Did you meet anyone new this week?

9. If you could choose one person to spend a day with, who would it be?

10. What was your proudest moment today?

11. If you could ask God for anything, what would it be? (I tried this one with my own kids; one responded, “To destroy sin,” and the other responded, “Legos.”)

12. Did anything surprising happen today?

13. Which person in your family are you the most like?

14. Who is the person you look up to the most?

Questions to follow up

These are great for those times when a kid tells you a story, maybe not even expecting you to listen, and you can draw out a little more:

15. How did you feel when that happened?

16. What did you do next?

17. What could you do next time?

One Hot Tip — Wait for It

The key to making a great question work is to ask it … and then stop talking! Sometimes a kid needs time to think about their answer. So just wait patiently. If you rush in before they think of their answer, you might miss out on a great thoughtful reply!

Links to more great questions:

The Family Dinner Project website (questions grouped by age)

The “Quick Questions” book series at Youth Specialties – 450 Unfinished Sentences, What If, Would You Rather, etc. These are a great little tool to have on hand!

This great article on creative ways to ask your kids about their day at school.

This book of 201 questions for kids

50 Family Dinner Conversation Starters

Here’s to asking, and to building great relationships with kids!

Faith Bosland
Executive Director

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